5 Ideas for What To Do With Your Home’s Spare Room

Let’s face it—we all have that one room in our homes that we just don’t know what to do with. You know, the one that has become the “storage room” filled with boxes, or worse, clutter. But don’t feel disheartened. You can put those rooms to good use! Here are some ideas for what to do with your home’s spare room.

Make Space for Fitness: A Home Gym

Even if the room isn’t that big, there are many ways to create a home gym in a small space. Do you know what’s amazing about having a home gym? You can tailor the room to meet your fitness interests. There will be no more comparison or judgment. You now have your private exercise space for you and your household alone. Yoga, Zumba, or HIIT—the choice is yours!

Book a Ticket to a Wonderland: A Reading Nook

You may hardly have time to drink coffee, let alone read a book. But imagine, just for a second, having your very own literary heaven where you can escape to sip your tea and transport yourself into the pages of a good novel. Remember that you’re worth those precious moments of respite, even if they’re interrupted by your child here and there.

Foster Creativity: A Craft Room

There’s no denying that you’re a creative genius. Give yourself and your household space to explore this creativity with a craft room. Whether you like sewing, scrap-booking, or even painting on reclaimed wood, having a dedicated space full of inspiration and supplies is bound to keep your creative fires burning. And, of course, it’s a place where skilled hands can craft the world’s most beautiful macaroni necklaces.

Homework Helper: A Designated Study Area

It’s time to end the battle between home-school clutter and the kitchen table! Transform your spare room into a dedicated study area with desks, bookshelves, and comfortable seating. Your kids will have a distraction-free zone to be productive (fingers crossed). A designated study area also promotes organization and prioritizes the importance of learning.

Zen to the Max: A Meditation Room

Moms need some time to breathe. You deserve inner peace. Treat yourself by turning your spare room into a meditation or relaxation space. It can be a sanctuary where you can unwind, recharge, and practice mindfulness. Let calming colors, soft lighting, and comfortable cushions help you find solace and balance amid the chaos of daily life.


Now that we’ve given you some ideas for what to do with it, don’t neglect your home’s spare room any longer. Transform that underutilized space into a haven that serves your needs and interests.


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