5 Emergency Contact Details Every Homeowner Should Have

Many people have found themselves in home emergencies only to experience a mental block. And according to statistics, 38% of the population cannot fix basic home maintenance problems. As a homeowner, the consequences may be dire if this ever happens. This is why you may want to consider the benefits of having emergency contact details. It is all the more important if you are a new homeowner.

1. Pest control


Bed bugs, rats, roaches, and termites are common pests in several US homes. The census.gov website confirms this by indicating that 14 million housing units have recorded cockroach and rodent infestation cases. Furthermore, these infestations were observed within the first month of moving into these homes. While this may not affect you directly, it proves that pest control is a crucial home maintenance issue. Therefore, having contact details of an efficient company will be useful if you ever need to fumigate your house.

2. Electrical services

According to spruce.com, power surges are US households’ most common electrical complaints. The website stated that many households often use large electronic appliances that exceed the home’s electricity demands. When this happens, it causes an interruption in the home’s normal electrical flow. In such cases, you need the electrical services contact details readily available.

The current electric standard for many homes is the 200-amp service, but sometimes it is increased to 250-amp if the demand is higher. The complexities of this require the services of experienced hands like those at Infinite Electric to attend to your home’s needs.

3. The gas company

What would you do if you suddenly smelled gas in your home? And how would you salvage the situation when your heat goes out on the coldest night? Perhaps, your heat going out is a result of a gas leak, which you smelled earlier. Indeed, the possibilities are endless, making it all the more important to keep the contact details of your gas provider saved on your phone. You may want to have it on the printed list of home maintenance emergency contacts on your refrigerator door as a backup.

4. HVAC maintenance services

The temperature in your home is another crucial aspect to pay attention to. That’s because your house’s heating and cooling system may develop a fault at the most inconvenient time. The average HVAC system will need replacement every fifteen to twenty years. However, other brands may need to be changed in only six years.

Regardless of the age and condition of your home, having these specialized services on speed dial will be helpful. You don’t need to frantically flip through the yellow pages looking for an HVAC servicing company.

5. Plumbing services


Statistics indicate that over a million Americans have frequently needed plumbing help in the past year. A further breakdown of the report stated that each household called plumbing services at least ten times within twelve months. Now that is enough indication that your plumber’s number is an essential home maintenance contact to have readily available. If you ever find yourself in need of emergency plumbing services, click now to find reliable assistance.


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