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4 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Music

Music is all around us. It also has a way of bringing a lot of joy to our lives. If you feel as though you are not as musical as you could be, or if you want to encourage your kids to pick up an instrument then this guide will help you to spark a new passion.

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Read Books about Musicians

Musicians were once children too. If you want to gain an insight into the passion that they have, then it helps to read books about them. Learn about their struggles, hope and perseverance. What makes books like this even more special is that they often contain inspiring stories that kids may be able to relate to. Your kids might want to learn about Ella Fitzgerald who started out singing on Harlem streets, before becoming one of the most influential singers of our time.

Sign up for a Music Class

Another thing you need to do is sign up with a music class. There are a lot of options here, but what matters is seeing them hold instruments and having fun with them. They can also follow the beat of the class which is great. If you can, use this as a bonding experience for you and your kids so that they can establish a real foundation for learning. If you can help them to do this then the possibilities are well and truly endless. If you see your kids enjoying a particular instrument, make the effort to buy it for them. You can even find guitar accessories online if you want to help them find their own sound.

Introduce Toys

Creating curiosity is always a good thing. It also helps your kids to find their own musical appreciation. Consider buying musical toys so that they can explore the sound at their pace. You can encourage them to tinker with their fingers or you can ask them to bang on the drum with their hands. Either way, buying them toys is a fun way for you to help them gain an interest in music, and this can go a long way in helping their confidence.

Go and See Live Performances

Another thing you can do if you want to help your kids is to take them to see live musical performances. You don’t have to take them to a rock gig if you don’t want to, but you can take them to go and see a band who may be performing live at a restaurant. Little things like this can help you to push the boundaries of what they know, and it also helps them to see instruments up close and personal. You can also take them to local festivals within your area, whether it is local bands playing on the town square, or simply a youth band. Either way, if you can take the time to show your kids what playing an instrument means and how enjoyable it is then this will help them to hone their craft and make the most out of their experience.


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