4 Ways To Freshen Up Your Décor


If living in lockdown has left you tired of looking at the same four walls, now is the perfect time to freshen up your décor. No matter what your budget, you can rejuvenate your home by making subtle and strategic enhancements to your interior design. For inspiration, take a look at these top techniques that will refresh your décor and leave your home looking great…

Create an accent wall

Redecorating an entire room can be costly and time-consuming. If you don’t have the time to revamp your bedroom, living area or kitchen, you can create a similar effect with an accent wall. Choosing a statement color will have a significant impact on the room but requires a fraction of the work that full redecoration requires. With minimal prep needed, you can simply strip back wallpaper on one wall or clean a painted surface and get to work with your new color. 

Once complete, choose matching accessories, linens, and decorative items to complement your accent color. This will ensure a cohesive theme runs through the room and mimics the look of professional design. 


Focus on flooring

Flooring is often the first area of your home to show signs of wear and tear. As well as dealing with foot traffic, heavy furniture can leave imprints on carpets and rugs or marks on hardwood floors or laminate. If your flooring is making a room feel drab or unloved, you can give the area a new lease of life by undertaking a little maintenance work. 

Instead of replacing flooring straight away, examine any damage that’s occurred and look for viable repair and restoration options. Hardwood floor refinishing is a fantastic way to increase the lifespan of your existing flooring and can make your current floor look as good as new. What’s more, it will add a protective layer to minimize the risk of subsequent damage affecting the visual appearance of your flooring. 

Similarly, deep cleaning carpets and rugs can have a spectacular effect. Using a professional cleaning service or hiring an industrial cleaner will enable you to get maximum results in the quickest time. In addition to this, moving furniture around will limit the impact on carpets and rugs and prevent indentations from forming. Alternatively, discreet carpet protectors act as a barely noticeable between furniture and carpets to prevent dents or damage. 

Repurpose furniture

Purchasing new furniture for your home may be exciting but it can also be expensive and stressful. If you’re eager for a new look but your existing furniture is fully functional, consider repurposing it instead. As well as saving a significant amount of cash, repurposing or upcycling furniture means you’ll get to enjoy entirely bespoke pieces once the project is complete. 

With free reign to explore your creativity, enhancing your furniture could be a great way to spend your time during a lockdown. Providing you’ve got the materials you need at home, there’s no better time to take on a project.

If you don’t have what you need or you’re not confident in your skills, find a local carpenter, contractor or designer instead. With an expert eye, they can transform old or neglected pieces into spectacular, statement-furniture. 


Replace old pillows

If you want an effortless way to freshen up your décor, replacing old pillows is your best bet. Order online and it will take seconds to enhance your home once your order arrives at your door. Pillows may not seem like they have much of an impact on your décor, but you’ll soon notice the difference when you switch them. 

Pillows don’t take long to age so you’ll be surprised how much different they look and feel when you replace them with something new. Plumper, firmer cushions can form an integral part of your interior design, whereas tired, flat cushions can look like discarded clutter. 

Don’t restrict yourself to replacing just your bedroom pillows if you want to refresh your entire home. By using new pillows and cushions in your living areas, kitchen or den, you can enhance every room in your home. 

Enjoy the Benefits of a Fresh, New Feel

When you’re comfortable in your surroundings, it has a direct impact on how you feel. By rejuvenating your décor, you can create a calm, relaxing environment that helps you to feel less anxious or stressed. Furthermore, your design choices have the potential to inspire, motivate and encourage you, so why not make the most of them? No matter what your style, freshening up your décor will stimulate your senses and enhance your home.


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