4 Unexpected Benefits From Moving Home

Moving house can be something that is a big life-changer, and can be stressful, costly, and daunting. To show that, it has been found that over two-thirds of people consider moving house more stressful than starting a new job, a relationship breaking down, or even getting a divorce! But as moving home can be a necessity at times, whether due to a work relocation or for a better family life, there have to be some positive sides to it? Here are some of the unexpected benefits that can come from moving home; it isn’t all bad.


You’ll pick up greener habits

Research has shown that you are more likely to use a more green mode of transport after you have a house move. There was a study that looked into data from over 18,000 residents and found that they were less likely to commute using a car after they had moved house. This could be due to an increase in how much people will look into travel and the community that they live in. Up to 90% of people report travel issues a reason for considering moving house.

You’ll make new friends

Each year, it has been found that around 5% of the population moves to a new city or state. As they do so, it can be the perfect time to make some new friends, which can be important for both children and parents. When you relocate to somewhere new, it can help you to make plenty of new friends. New neighbors, new colleagues, new school friends, and things like a new gym or church can all bring new opportunities for friendship. 

You’ll become less materialistic

If you want to become less materialistic and more of a minimalist, then a simple solution is to just relocate. Studies have shown that if you move house quite regularly, then the fewer possessions that you are likely to have. Moving means that you have the chance to declutter and really think about what you want to take with you. When you move a lot, you’ll see that you don’t actually need those things that you’ve not touched in over a year. Of course, you’ll still need someone like On the Go Moving and Storage to help you to move, but you’ll probably have less to take with you. It can be a good lesson for all of the family in appreciating what you already have. 

You’ll make money

If you are moving to somewhere that is entirely new, then you can actually make some money. House prices could be lower, meaning that you’ll get some profit from that, as well as perhaps an increase in salary if you are moving because of a new job. So there can be a couple of ways that you can actually make some profit from the move, as well as profit in a better lifestyle. Moving somewhere new for a better life may seem like something that is extreme, but you’ll not know until you try it.


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