4 Tips For A Smoother Interstate House Move

Moving interstate can be an exciting time for your family. Moving to a new area in new surroundings can be the chance for a completely fresh start. This of course will take some time as you will want to find the ideal home. You will want to make searches to find homes for sale in West Knoxville, or wherever you are moving, and choose somewhere perfect for you. Planning for an interstate move means you need to plan carefully and look into the different logistics associated with a move to a new state.


But what should you be doing when preparing yourself for a more complex house move than staying local?

Choose the Right Moving Company

Many people choose to load up a van themselves and drive across the country until they reach their new home. If you want to move, then hiring a van from a company with a pickup location in the vicinity of your current home and a drop-off point near your new home is vital.

An interstate moving company will have the logistical knowledge to allow you to get on with your move while taking care of the practicalities of loading up your belongings and traversing the best route possible to allow your furniture to arrive in the best possible time. Allowing someone else to do the heavy lifting literally can free up your time to take care of other matters. Plus, nowadays, thanks to the internet, tracking down locally based moving companies simply involves a quick online search. For instance, if you are moving to Ohio, finding a cleveland moving company online is really easy when you know what to search for.

Start Packing Early

This is true for many house moves. However, the earlier you start planning and packing, the easier it will be on the day, especially if you have a long journey ahead of you. Use this time wisely to declutter and rehome anything you don’t want to take with you. Being prepared as early as possible will allow you to have a better idea of how long it will take to move your life, the size of the moving van you will need, and what, if anything, you will need to purchase when you have made a move.


Moving to a new state means you will need to look at registering for new state tax and looking for new service providers such as a DR, dentist, new schools, gyms, etc. Make a list of all the changes of addresses you need to make, along with a plan to register at new medical practices, schools, and anything other services that require you to find a new provider.

Schedule Time Off

The move to a new, completely new state will mean you will need longer to fully settle in and get to know the area you now live in. Unlike simply moving to a new neighborhood but in the same state, an interstate move throws up different complications, even if you know the area well.

Take some time after the move to allow yourself to become more at home with your new surroundings. Scope out the local businesses and amenities, get to grips with the transport options or commute times and school drop-offs before you need to do it for real. Meet the neighbors, explore the new neighborhood on foot and really allow yourself to experience your new life before your commitments restart.

Taking your time with an interstate move will give you a better handle on everything that is happening and prepare fully for your next step in life without cutting corners due to time constraints.


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