4 Things That Can Cause Major Damage To Your Roof


There are many different factors which can cause damage to the roof of your home, and you may not be aware of them or realize the damage they are doing. The roof of your home is something that you should pay attention to so that you can prevent any damage from occurring. By keeping your roof in good condition, you can help to avoid any costly repair bills. Below are some of the most common things that damage roofs and how you can prevent the damage from accumulating and compounding the problem further.

A Wind Damaged Roof

One of the biggest causes of damage to a roof is the wind, and there are cases of strong winds taking the entire roof of a house. Whenever there has been a storm, you should give your roof a quick visual inspection and check to see that all the tiles are lying flat. If any of your roof tiles start to rise, then the next storm or strong wind that comes could rip the tiles from the roof. If you do find any damage on your roof, you should call your local Sydney roofing contractors and have them make repairs as quickly as possible.

Hailstorm Damage


 A hailstorm can also cause significant damage to a roof, and if the hailstones are big and heavy enough, they can crack your roof tiles. You should inspect your roof at the earliest convenience after a hailstorm and ensure that none of your roof tiles have any damage. If you have cracked tiles, water can get into your roof and cause significant damage to your home, and the repair bills will most likely be much larger than the cost of fixing the roof.

Tree Damage

Trees also can cause significant damage to your home and not only your roof. It is essential that you do not have trees too close to your home as the roots can cause damage to the walls and foundations of your home. If the tree gets big enough, the branches can also cause significant damage. If the tree is not healthy then this can cause a big risk to your home. If a strong wind comes along and knocks it down, it may fall onto your home causing untold damage to your property. If you have large trees close to your home then you may need to seek the services of a professional arborist, which is also known as a Tree Surgeon. 

Water Damage


Water is also potentially a big problem in keeping your roof in good condition, and if there is any pooling of water, you will need to look at it immediately to prevent any further damage from occurring. For instance, after a heavy downpour of snow, it is important to get help with snow removal from your roof so that it doesn’t deteriorate or become vulnerable to leaks. Maintaining the condition of your roof is essential for your health and safety at home. Water can find its way into your home, and you should check your loft a couple of times a year quickly to look for any signs of water damage. You will also want to ensure that gutters and drains are clear from any blockages, which can lead to water building up and becoming a problem. Catching the problem quickly can potentially save you a lot of money in future repair bills.


These are a few of the most common causes of problems with your roof, and if you find any damage call your local roofing contractor and have them make the repairs as quickly as possible.


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