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4 Summer Activities to Keep Cool in the Heat

Summer is upon you and you’re so excited to spend time with the kids. Yes, you have a toddler at home all the time, but your older children are ready for their summer vacation. They have an idea, and they sell it as an excellent one. Why not stay inside and play video games all day to avoid the rising temperatures outdoors. Nice try, right? Here are four summer activities that you and your kids can enjoy that will keep you cool and active. After all, couch potatoes are not allowed in your living room.

1. Play Store

If your children are still young enough to enjoy such a game, gather a calculator and your reusable grocery bags. Enlist one child as a checker and one child as a bagger. Another child can be the restock clerk. Take a no-smudge marker and write prices on canned goods, bagged goods, and anything else you might buy at the store that isn’t unwrapped. Open a grocery store in your kitchen and go shopping for goods in your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. Have your child who’s struggling with math ring up the goods, your child who likes to organize things bag your goods and your child who needs to learn to put things away restock the goods. You’ll be surprised how much your kids love this game.

2. Get Wet


Of course, nothing beats the summer heat like jumping into a body of water. If you are fortunate enough to have a pool of your own, slather the kids with sunscreen, attach any necessary floaties, and dive in for a fun game of Marco Polo. Teach your kids about Marco Polo first, and then you be Marco so your little ones don’t swim with their eyes closed. This wet hide-and-seek game is refreshing on a hot summer day, but be careful. Jumping into any body of water does not stave heat stroke risk and an ER visit. If you don’t have medical insurance coverage, find local insurance agents to get the best deal.

3. Head to the Mall

If you have a mall in your town, cool off indoors. This is a great way to be active and cool at the same time. Most malls have play areas for children, so take advantage of them. If you have older kids, wander the mall and enjoy browsing through your favorite stores. As long as everyone behaves, grab a refreshing snack in the food court, such as ice cream or frozen yogurt, and once everyone is tired from playing and walking around, head home for nap time. You don’t have to wait until school shopping to head to the mall. This is a great place to enjoy air conditioning on a hot summer day.

4. Head to the Movies or Arcade

Another way to have fun in summer is to take the kids to a matinee or introduce them to the arcade. You remember the hours you spent in the arcade as a teenager? Your kids will love it as much as you did. If you don’t have an arcade near you, there are chain restaurants that offer plenty of arcade fun, as well, so plan a few lunches at them and teach your kids one of the best games ever, Skee-Ball! You can make it a play date with your kids’ friends. Invite all the mothers, too, and enjoy quality mom time while keeping an eye on the little ones as they run from one game to another.


These are just four things you can do to beat the summer and avoid whiny couch potatoes. Summer vacation is the best time to bond with your kids, and you can do so and stay cool at the same time. Remember to keep everyone hydrated and protected from the sun, too. This is crucial to summer fun.


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