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4 Strange Sounds That Spell Trouble for Your Car

You’re a parent that’s constantly on the move. You drop the kids off at school, then drive to work. From there, you take the kids to every extracurricular activity and find time to get groceries in between a hectic schedule.

Without a reliable vehicle, you cannot safely accomplish all your responsibilities. The trick is to understand a little more about the signs of vehicle issues and what they might mean. A good place to start is to find out about five strange sounds that spell trouble for your car.

Clicking Sounds When Driving

As you continue to drive on the road, you may hear a troublesome clicking sound. Most times, the source of the problem is low oil. The good news is that it’s incredibly simple to check your oil! 

Keep an old rag in your car if you ever need to check the oil while you’re on the go. Pop open the hood, take out the dipstick, then clean it. Put it back into the oil reservoir and determine if the oil sits at the average spot or if it’s below the necessary amount. 

Next, all you must do is take a funnel and add some additional oil. Now, you’re ready to get back to your busy schedule!

Clunking Sounds When Accelerating

There are two leading causes that may be to blame when you hear a clunking sound from your vehicle: an issue with the suspension or a loose exhaust.

The clunking or rattling sound indicates that there’s a part coming undone. A loose suspension or exhaust is an issue that must be checked by a mechanic as soon as possible. It’s a dangerous condition that could potentially harm others on the road if not repaired promptly.

Grinding Sounds When Driving

The deep, strange sound of metal grinding against metal is a sure sign of trouble for your car. One of the first possibilities is an issue with the wheel bearings. Ignoring damaged wheel bearings risks the wheels failing while driving and results in an accident. 

Another issue is there isn’t enough transmission fluid in the transmission to lubricate the gears. You may experience low-gear shifting issues in the transmission due to the metals’ incapability to shift gears smoothly. This not only creates an unpleasant drive but it puts your safety at risk. 

Whining Sounds When Turning

It’s unusual to hear a whining sound as you turn the wheel. A properly functioning vehicle will not make a peep as you turn. If you hear the steering wheel whine, the issue may be one of several common culprits.   

  • Deteriorating shocks or struts: Shocks and struts need replacement over time. If these components deteriorate, you’ll commonly experience whining sounds when driving through uneven surfaces.
  • Faulty power steering: This mechanical device minimizes the force required to turn the steering wheel. When the power steering breaks down, it becomes more difficult to make turns.
  • Low-quality power steering fluid: This substance connects the steering wheel to the front wheels. This allows the vehicle to turn more easily. Low-quality power steering fluid occurs when using a cheaper, poorer-quality fluid that doesn’t suit the vehicle.
  • Worn upper strut bearings: When turning, the upper strut bearings allow rotation at the wheels. After frequent exposure to the elements, the strut bearings begin to whine when turning at low speeds.

If you hear any of these strange sounds, take a look at the car yourself first. Decide if it’s a quick fix that you can repair on your own or if you need the help of a mechanic. Before you know it, your car will be ready to drive safely so that you can complete all obligations for the day.


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