4 Steps To Ensure A Superb Home Evaluation

Have you ever had your home evaluated or appraised before? Having your home appraised is a quick way to see how your home is doing if you’re thinking of putting in the market. It’s a home energy check-up that allows you as the homeowner to determine if the house is losing energy, money or if any problems occur how to correct them to make them more energy-efficient. You need to have a professional technician come to check on everything, who are called an energy auditor, to give your home the proper evaluation. You can also do a few of the steps yourself prior to them coming such as checking for mold, keeping your home clean, make sure safety equipment are installed and working properly and inform our home inspect of any home improvements you have done. 

Check For Mold

Some common places to check for mold in your home may seem common sense to some but can be quickly missed by others. Mold is actually everywhere and although you can’t fully control your exposure to it outdoors or in public spaces, you can check for it common places to help prevent or remove it. While long hot steamy showers are a great way to relax, it also is a huge growth for mold. It loves warm and wet environments of a bathroom and if you have a fan or not the best ventilation, it’s prone to attracting it. Make sure to check under your washcloths, loofahs, shower curtain, faucet, and shampoo bottles! Also, check the surfaces of your sink and counters if they are not cleaned and dried properly. Look behind your toilet or underneath the bathroom sink where your cleaning supplies are stored as well. 

Home Improvements

Let your home appraiser know of any improvements you have done throughout your home. While some may be small items, they are still just as important. For instance, if you remodel your kitchen or updated the bathroom, added new gutters or fixed that awful sliding door- these are essential to let them know. This will positively reflect on your appraisal at the end of the inspection. 

Ensure Equipment Works Properly

When thinking of your home and keeping it safe, the key is to make sure the equipment is working properly. This means to check your smoke detectors have fresh batteries, your Carbon Monoxide Detectors are in the correct spots ( you must have two on the upstairs and downstairs floors ) as well as any home security devices you have around your home. It’s no good having all of this technology and helpful equipment if they don’t keep you safe with just a few quick checks every few months or right before your inspection happens. 

Check Indoor Air Quality

If you are one to have pets, do you remember when the last time you cleaned your vents? Did you know that dander, bacteria, cigarette smoke, chemicals, and construction debris are distributed throughout your home via your duct system with an average of 5-7 times per day? Also, make sure to clean your HVAC system which could result in your losing energy and could lead to improved cost-effectiveness. 


While you can do many of these home checks yourself, one thing to keep in mind is if you do see mold, you do want to get that cleaned by a professional. Finding a quality inspection company is key. They can test your home if you detect, smell or see any issues of mold within your home or if your children start to develop some allergies! One such company in the New Jersey area is called Nash Everett. Named after his two boys, Nash Everett was started by a man named Gary Szymanski who when faced with mold issues within his old home, he became frustrated looking for the proper care and solutions that he needed to get taken care of. With his own prior knowledge of being a lead project manager, he took a leap and opened his own business which drove his determination of making people feel better, giving his customers an affordable outlet and most importantly, keeping them educated on small improvements that they need to make for yearly maintenance. 


Not only does Nash Everett help you get rid of mold within your home but they also are able to give you a healthy home evaluation. Their evaluation includes an indoor health assessment and exterior room by room investigation as well as a written report. The report will identify any potential environmental concerns. While this may be a big price for some, it also helps you eliminate your air quality concerns, suspecting mold issues, moldy odors or water intrusion that may be occurring. No matter what the cost, you want to remember that having your home evaluated is keeping you and your family secure, safe and feeling your best on a daily basis. 


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