4 Reasons You Should Reach Out To Tech Live Connect

Do you have a computer in your home or business? Do you even know how to use it or fix a problem should one arise? Most people don’t and not everyone has a tech-savvy friend or family member that they can call should something happen. In moments like this, you should consider reaching out to a company like Tech Live Connect. I’d like to share with you three reasons why you should consider picking up the phone to call them today:

World-Class Software Support

With TLC, you will receive world-class software support thanks to 3 different level support services for software developed by any third party vendor. They have developed cutting-edge software support services that allow them to efficiently capture the software environment as well as the business activity. Processes and teams have been built on a foundation that begins with the idea of a hands-on approach to software support.

TLC’s methodologies focus on reliable stability and long-term functionality to avoid issues related to software support. Support services include direct access to qualified, knowledgeable, and reliable software engineers through flexible support options to ensure timely and effective issue resolution.

Latest Updates

TLC likes to stay ahead of the game when it comes to keeping software up to date such as: the latest requirements, protection patches, and software advancements. With their Expert Support Services, it reduces any complications of keeping software updated and ensures that you will receive full benefits from your software. This allows you to avoid complications on the business end and if needed, they will examine and resolve it in a swift manner. Customers get priority attention, assured availability of technical resources and software upgrades.

Variety of Support Plans

As of right now, TLC offers 6 different support plans to meet the needs of each individual customer:

  • Diamond Plan* – $7.99/per month
  • Diamond Plus Plan* – $7.99/per month
  • Platinum Plan – $549.95/per month
  • Gold Plan* – $7.99/per month
  • Silver Plan* – $7.99/per month
  • Combo AV + OTF Plan – $299.95/per month

*-Requires a one-time setup & activation fee (prices varies)

As you can see, most of the support plans are affordable at only $7.99 per month. However, there are options for those businesses that are able to afford the higher price per month. Be sure to check out the website and see what each plan offers before making a decision.

Core Values

Every reputable business stands behind their core values. TLC is no different. Here are their 6 core values:

  • Service
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Value Creation
  • Excellence

Key Features

Here is a clear breakdown of what key features TLC offers its customers:

  • Analysis & Diagnosis
  • Issue Detection
  • New Releases & Updates
  • Flexible Support Channel (Phone, E-Mail, Etc.)
  • Upgraded productivity using TLC’s 24/7 software support services
  • Initial Software Installation Support
  • Timely and Ongoing Software Support
  • Timely Release of Upgrades, Software Patches & Supportability Enhancements/Bug Fixes
  • Access to Pool of Certified Software Professionals & Subject Matter Experts
  • Tier 1, 2 and 3 Support Services


If you are in the market for software support services, look no further than Tech Connect Live! They have an Excellent reputation with Trustpilot and are AppEsteem Certified.


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