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4 Marketing Lessons That Can Be Learned by Analyzing Amazon Beauty Product Pages

Listen in on any conversation in which two or more people are discussing their next purchase of just about any beauty item. Chances are, you’ll hear the phrase, “Oh, I can get that on Amazon instead.” So what makes Amazon’s beauty section so popular?


While some of it has to do with the Amazon label itself, most of the popularity comes from the marketing the company requires its vendors to follow. When you analyze their beauty product pages, you’ll see some marketing consistencies that you can apply to your own site’s development to attract customers and outsell Amazon!

Lessons You Can Take Away From Amazon’s Beauty Pages

1. They focus on high-image, low text advertising. In today’s global society, people are less inclined to read a lot of print and more likely to buy something that they find visually appealing. Of course, you’ll need to include the basic information about your products and a list of frequently asked questions, but your images are what sell your stuff.

Use high-quality images that show all angles of your product, include the item both packaged and unpackaged, and display a picture of the item in use. A minimum of 4 images is suggested.

2. They know their target market. Do some beauty product research before you post anything for sale. Get to know what kind of customers purchase your item and market directly towards your main audience. Are your consumers mainly US-based or will they be from other countries? 

Each culture requires different marketing techniques to approach them. What is hot and trendy in one city, region, or country might not be of any value in another.

3. They’re smart about what they’re are selling. You don’t have to be an expert on your product, but you should sound like one. Potential buyers are going to ask you questions and you need to be able to respond with the correct answer. 

Many beauty products contain fragrances and other allergens that people want to watch out for. Some of these allergens come in different names or are listed as other ingredients. Be smart about what you are selling so you can give an informed answer to any question and not get smacked with a bad review because you passed on wrong answers.

4. They respond to and encourage reviews. A seller without reviews is almost always going to be turned away for one with a comparable price and reputable reviews. When you encourage your buyers to leave honest feedback, it encourages their trust.

The more expensive your product is, the more reviews you want to try to get. Triple-digit reviews, even if some of them are negative feedback, will bump up your chances at making that sale. But if you do get a negative review, make sure you are on that buyer quickly to make things right, even if it means giving them a refund. Negative feedback can quickly be turned to your favor if you respond and work towards a resolution.

Use Those Amazon Marketing Tricks for Your Products

Amazon is a multi-billion dollar company that has had years to perfect their marketing techniques. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make your business successful. Just learn from them and use their marketing lessons to make your sales go through the roof!


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