4 Everyday Habits Could Be Ruining Your Health

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Everyone has a habit they’re not proud of. From always forgetting to put on your seatbelt to failing to eat healthily, you’ve probably constantly reminded yourself that you need to do better. However, many of these bad habits may be affecting your health negatively. So, which bad habits are adversely affecting your health? Find out if you’re guilty of any of these habits.

Holding your sneezes in

Sneezing can put you into two pretty uncomfortable situations. The first is that sneeze that has you anticipating it but never seems to show up, leaving you feeling a little awkward. The second is when you can feel a big, loud sneeze coming when you are not in the right environment. You may not have much control over the first, but you mostly find yourself holding in the second – and that’s a bad habit. It makes sense that you might not want to sneeze in public for various reasons. But when you hold in a sneeze, you don’t allow the pressure built, as a result, to be released. This unreleased pressure can cause several damages, including ruptured blood vessels in your chest, brain, eyes, or throat.

Also, be sure not to hold down your nose when you sneeze, as doing so can also cause the pressure to go back up into your sinus, the back of your nose, chest, or into your ears and affect your eardrums.

Keeping your wallet in your back pocket

Most men are guilty of this habit, and it seems pretty harmless. Well, it’s harmless until you sit down. When you sit on your wallet, especially a bulky one, you cause your buttocks to be even, which will make for an uncomfortable sitting experience and irritate the nerves in your legs and lower back. Sitting on your wallet can also cause pain in various areas such as in the hip, lower back, or even upper back.

Staying up too late

There is a reason your body naturally prepares to shut down at night time, and the longer you stay up at night, the less sleep time you give yourself. Constantly skipping rest can lead to fatigue, stress, poor mood, lack of focus, and even depression. Plus, poor sleep quality can also affect your immune system and disrupt your body’s ability to ward off pathogens that increase stress. And, believe it or not, insufficient sleep can stunt hair growth. So, if you want to stop receding hairline, better grab yourself some quality sleep.

Eating before bedtime

Some people can’t help a quick bite or snack right before they jump into bed or even in bed. However, eating so close to bedtime can lead to acid reflux, which will disrupt your sleep – and you already know what lousy sleep can do to your body. Experts recommend that you eat about three to four hours before going to bed, as this will give your body enough time to digest your food and prevent reflux.


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