4 Benefits of Working With Startup PR Agencies

When in the midst of looking for the perfect firm to represent your organization or business, you may be drawn to larger agencies. They may seem to be highly recognized, reliable, and connected. What you may not be aware of is a startup pr agency is just as effective as a larger one and may even better suit your needs.


There are many benefits to working with smaller startup agencies. Here are 4 of the most important that come to mind:


Believe it or not, networking possibilities with a smaller agency is a thing. They are reliable with their connections and will often pass on the good word. They have resources similar to that of a larger firm but go about using them in different ways. Smaller firms can connect intimately with businesses and organizations in your local area which could lead to other opportunities for your business. Word of mouth is always a win-win in my opinion.

To a smaller agency, each and every client counts. With a larger firm, you most likely wouldn’t get the time and dedication needed.


Smaller agencies are better known for well-maintained working relationships with their clients. In most cases, you receive better communication using a smaller firm. You aren’t just a number to them. You are a valued client. With a larger firm, you almost always play a game of phone tag. With a smaller firm, it’s the total opposite. You will most likely be working with the same contact throughout the entire process. You will be in constant contact with that same individual. This is a great attribute of smaller firms.


Due to lower overhead costs and a smaller amount of employees, smaller firms are more affordable compared to larger firms. This is an advantage for small businesses that don’t have overwhelming budgets for marketing, advertising, and public relations services. You shouldn’t have to put out thousands of dollars to get your footing when it comes to your business.


Smaller firms are often more specialized in particular practice areas. This gives prospective clients an opportunity to handpick firms that will know more about their wants and needs. If you pick a specialized firm, chances are you will find better results. With a specialized firm, you will encounter detailed work that is specific to your situation.


As someone who has worked with many different PR firms, I must say that I prefer small firms over large ones. I love being in constant contact with one person throughout the entire process and building a working relationship with said person. It’s very easy to get in contact with them if I need something and I will not hesitate to recommend them to someone else. Whereas in my experience of working with larger firms, it could be weeks before I ever hear back.

If you are looking for a PR firm for your business, definitely consider the points I have mentioned here before making your choice. Your business matters and whichever firm you decide to go with needs to know that. 🙂


Candid Mama

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