3 Ways To Move Away from Electricity and The Supermarket

To truly move into a more self-sufficient lifestyle you must reduce the need for 2 major components. Power-grid electricity and store-bought goods. It is very difficult to reduce both due to monetary and resource requirements, as well as the space needed to do both of these tasks efficiently. However, there are a few steps you can take to take away some of your reliance on the power grid and the supermarket. While not always easy, if you are set on becoming as self-reliant as possible they are steps you should definitely be looking to incorporate into your lifestyle moving forward.


Raise your own livestock

Obviously, you most likely won’t have room for cows and sheep in your own back garden. But if you have an allotment or an acre or town of your own land, then consider raising a few chickens or even one or two goats. They can be hard work to get to grips with and take very special care and attention to raise properly, but it is a very rewarding job to raise and have your own eggs and (if you are so inclined) meat. Before purchasing and deciding to raise such animals, always speak to a professional who knows what to do and how to do it properly. The first-hand experience from someone else is a lifesaver. Store any eggs and meat you harvest correctly for the future and when you need them most. As you move more and more away from electricity and from relying on supermarkets etc. learning how to rear livestock efficiently will be essential.

Plant and grow your vegetables and herbs

Growing your own vegetables is highly rewarding. Knowing how and when to plant certain crops and herbs is a very knowledgable endeavor and will help you massively should you need to do so for any kind of emergency. Plus with the proper preparation and storage, these herbs and vegetables can last you some time into the future. Again this is a great step to take on the road to sufficiency and living more and more on your own produce. Growing herbs and vegetables is a skill that can be easily learned and applied almost all year round, with the right preparation and knowledge. Don’t be afraid to try new things and always be testing your skills with new crops.

Gas and solar power

Removing the need for electricity fully can be very difficult. However, it can be easy enough o replace the need for smaller items to be powered by the main electrical grid. For example, solar-powered cells on the household can generate a good amount of electricity if installed correctly and facing the most optimal direction. While they may not power everything they are a good place to start. Also purchasing e gas stove is another simple way to reduce your reliance on electricity. There are many different propane companies out there that can supply you with the correct propane equipment needed to power smaller stoves. Be prepared to experiment with a few different set-ups in order to find the best cooking arrangement for you.


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