3 Tips to Make Grocery Shopping Fun for Kids

Grocery shopping with kids can be more stressful than fun at times, therefore some people go for online shopping but here are three tips to make your grocery trip more enjoyable for you and the kiddos.


1. Ask Your Child for Their Help

Before going to the store, sit down with your child or children and make a grocery list. Ask them for suggestions and let them choose one treat. This will help them feel more involved, and kids love to feel grown-up and helpful. 

Once you get to the store, depending on their age, have them read the list to you and ask for their help finding it. Or you could even put some of the items on a list just for them and put them in charge of finding the items and picking them out. Giving them ownership will make them feel important and fulfilled. 

If you’re a couponer, take the coupons and have them match up the items with their coupons. If they’re mature enough, have them push the cart.

Allow them to pick their one treat or item and find it themselves. Ask them questions about the food you’re buying like what they like to eat, what they want to make, what food does and how it fuels our bodies. 

If your child is working on math skills, have them add up the prices to help you stay in your budget. At the checkout, have your child load the items onto the scanner and help you bag the groceries. 

Getting their help might be a challenge at first, but it can be ultimately rewarding and helpful for you and the child.

2. Make the Grocery Trip into a Game

Games help children stay engaged and excited, so this is a great option for a competitive kid. 

You could do a race to see how fast you can get all the groceries. Set a timer on your phone or watch and see if you can find all the items on your list. Just make sure you are careful not to run into other shoppers!

If you want something slower-paced, play the alphabet game trying to see who can get the most letters first. 

Play “would you rather” asking questions like would you rather eat the same breakfast every day or never be able to eat the same breakfast again? Or would you rather get an endless supply of chocolate or an endless supply of gummy worms? 

In the produce section, play “guess the weight of your produce”, and whoever is closest gets to pick the treat for the week. 

The goal for these games is to keep your child occupied as you shop around. This will also help you to stick to your list and not stray into the sweets section too much.

3. Try to Make it Comfortable for Everyone

Use a shopping cart seat holder to keep your baby comfortable and safe. If your kids are little, make sure they’re buckled into their seats. 

Don’t go to the store hungry. Bring snacks to eat beforehand. Or you could make a tradition of stopping at the deli for lunch. 

Stay organized and focused on the task at hand, and try to go when everyone is fully fed, awake, and happy for the best possible experience. 

With a little planning and extra thought, you can transform your grocery shopping experience from difficult and challenging to fun and fulfilling for you and your children. 


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