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3 Reasons To Pack Everything and Move to Michigan

I have always dreamed of packing my bags and moving out west somewhere. When going through property listings, I always find myself falling in love with certain things about various locations. One area, in particular, I’ve always wanted to visit and maybe one day move to is Michigan.

Here are 3 reasons why:


You can find some pretty breathtaking properties. Thanks to Trophy Whitetail Properties I have fallen in love with a particular log cabin that they currently have listed.

It’s on 155 acres of land and is right next to a private lake. Although it may not be up in the mountains, it’s still pretty breathtaking. The price tag is pretty sweet too at $875,000! At first glance, I figured this home would be at least $1 million. While I may not be able to afford this home right now, I think it’d make an awesome home to some lovely retired couple.


Nothing is more important to me than the privacy of my family and I. I love that so many listings on this site offer property that have a lot of land and are out in the middle of nowhere. You can have parties and not disturb your neighbors. You can also go hunting without disturbing the peace. For me, it’d give me the chance to really enjoy the property and I can go exploring and not have to worry about the cops being called.


I’d love to be able to wake up in the morning to a breathtaking view outside of my window. To stand at the kitchen sink with a cup of coffee or a load of dishes and just stare out the window and wonder how this planet was blessed with such beauty. The landscape is everything to me when it comes to property and all of the homes listed have it.


With that said, I hope you find the perfect home for you with Whitetail Properties. Happy home hunting!

To all of you who currently live in Michigan, I envy you! 😛

Would you move to Michigan if given the chance?
If so, what kind of home would you be in the market for? A log cabin, a ranch, etc?

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