3 Reasons Families Are Choosing Apartments Over Houses


There’s a growing trend amongst young families that sees a lot of them moving into apartments over houses. Some say this is a money issue – houses are expensive to buy nowadays. While true, it still means families can rent houses, yet are choosing apartments. Why is this the case? Well, here are three reasons that might explain it all:

A community feel

A lot of younger families are choosing to live in apartments because they offer a better sense of community. Most apartment complexes have shared areas where residents can hang out and talk to one another. Some have pools, outdoor parks, and recreational rooms. For a family with kids, it’s a great chance for the kids to make friends in a safe environment. The days of children hanging out on streets in residential areas are pretty much over. It’s sad to admit, but if you live in a house, there’s a very slim chance your kids will even meet their neighbors, let alone befriend them. Apartment complexes are different, which is why families are giving them a go.

There’s just as much space

In the past, apartments were often viewed as much smaller spaces for people to live. True, you can still get studio apartments the size of a phone box, but there are much bigger places available these days. It’s really not uncommon to find 3 bedroom apartments in your local area, offering all the space you and your family require. People are realizing that there isn’t much of a trade-off when you live in an apartment anymore. If anything, it’s better value for money as houses are typically priced higher because they give the illusion of more space and are traditionally more coveted, leading to higher demand.

More convenient locations

Lastly, families are opting to move into apartments because of the increased convenience. Now, if you look at a typical city or town, most are laid out in the same way. The closer you get to the busy area of town, the fewer houses you see. Housing developments tend to crop up near the outskirts of busy cities and metropolitan areas. By contrast, apartment buildings and complexes are sometimes built right in the middle of the busiest cities. For a growing family with two parents that work, and kids that go to school, living in a city can be a huge convenience. Apartments are often in excellent locations, making the daily commute much easier than it would be if you had to travel from a house a bit further out. So, yes, people are choosing apartments for convenience.

Admittedly, if a family can afford to buy a house, they do tend to go through with it. Nevertheless, while families save for a mortgage loan, they are starting to want to live in apartments rather than houses. It just seems like they provide a better rental value, largely thanks to the points listed above. You pay for extra services and a close-knit community, you get plenty of space, and you end up in a convenient location.


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