3 Precautions To Take For Kids Safety At Home

As all parents know, kids are very busy and very curious bees. They love to play, climb trees, run around and jump up and down. With that said, the probability of them getting injured accidentally is high.


The top priority of any parent is to keep their little ones safe at all times. Sure, when they accidentally fall off their bike and scrape a knee or unexpectedly bump a toe, we are always there to give a little kiss and make the ouch go away.

Parents are only human, and unfortunately, we can not always keep an eye on them 24 hours a day. They need their own space to learn, play, venture, and explore.

The little ones become masters of curiosity as they grow and start to make sense of what goes on around them. So they tend to ask more and more questions on how things work and why they work that particular way. Kids’ curiosity will never be ‘bad’ because they learn more about how life works and what does not work.

With that said, their own house, their home, which is their safe space and comfort zone, should not be a hazard to their health and well-being.

Therefore, it is critical to ensuring that your house and everything in it is safe for your kids to prevent any potential and unnecessary ‘ouchies.’

Here are three essential precautions that you as a parent should take to ensure that your kids stay safe in their homes.

Everything electrical

Remember to keep all of the electrical appliances unplugged after using them and switching the main plug off. Use plug protectors on all of your unused electrical outlets so that no tiny fingers can not enter them. Also, keep all electrical cords hidden behind the couch or table so that the kids cannot reach them.


Furniture locks

Kids are notorious for snooping and opening anything with a handle, such as drawers, cupboards, cabinets, and closets. Therefore, please ensure that you install proper furniture locks on all of the furniture. You do not want them to open the kitchen cabinet where all of the toxic cleaning detergents and household products are stored or get inside the bathroom cupboard where you keep your vitamins and medicine.

Take a walk around your house and check that all doors and window locks work correctly to ensure that they are still in good working condition. If any locks need to be replaced, please do not postpone the matter and fix them today!

Swallowable Objects

Kids can use any object to chew or bite on, such as keys, coins, remotes, jewelry, and small containers. Keeping them as high and far away as possible is imperative as the kids can swallow and choke on them.


To keep your kids safe, you need to think like them. Do yourself a favor and get on all fours (hands and knees) and have a look around. What do you see? It might sound silly but what you see on that level is what they see.


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