3 Home Security Risks That You Probably Overlooked

Home security is so important because your home should be a place where you feel safe. If you are constantly worried about people breaking in, you will not be able to relax at home. Most people understand this and take steps to secure their homes, like installing alarm systems and upgrading their locks. But there are a lot of other security risks that people miss, and this can make your home a target for burglars. These are some of the biggest security risks that you may be overlooking. 


Trees and Bushes 

Trees and bushes in the garden might look nice, but have you ever considered that they might be a security risk. The reason that people install security lights around their homes is so that people cannot get close to the house without being spotted. But if there are a lot of bushes and shrubs around, you are providing cover so people can sneak up to your home easily. It may be worth cutting the bushes back so it is not as easy for people to hide behind them. 

Trees also give people an easy way to climb up to the higher floors of your home. People often forget to upgrade locks on upstairs windows because they don’t think that burglars will be able to get up there, but if you have large trees close to your home, they can. You can get around this by cutting the lower branches of the tree off so people cannot easily climb it. 

Garage Doors 

The garage is a very common entry point for burglars because, often, they are only attempting to steal your car. They may also be able to get access to the rest of the home through the garage door, and a lot of people do not take steps to secure the garage. If you haven’t made any upgrades for a long time, you need to replace your garage doors with something more sturdy. You also need to ensure that the door from the garage into the home has an upgraded lock so, even if burglars do manage to get into the garage, they cannot gain access to the rest of the home. 

The Shed 

When you look at all of the tools in your shed, you see tools that you can use to do simple home improvements or transform your garden in the summer. But a burglar sees tools that they can use to break into your home. So many people fail to put a lock on their shed, which means that criminals have easy access to everything that is in there. Power tools are expensive, so they are likely to be stolen. But, in some cases, a burglar will use them to break into your home as well. You are making life a lot easier for criminals if you do not secure your shed, so make sure that you have a lock on there and consider storing some of the more expensive tools inside the house or in the garage instead. 


If you are overlooking these 3 big home security risks, you are putting yourself in danger. But with a few small changes, you can make your home a lot more secure. 


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