2014 SODE Truck Convoy

Delaware’s Truck Convoy, sponsored by FedEx Ground and Walmart, is part of The World’s Largest Truck Convoy® fundraising event. This unique police-escorted convoy through Kent and Sussex Counties is a celebration of the trucking industry and its support of Special Olympics.
The event is supported by PerdueWBOCFox 21 DelmarvaDelaware State Fairgrounds,Department of Transportation and Delaware Law Enforcement for Special Olympics.
For the first time ever, my family and I witnessed this event on Saturday, October 4th. I have heard nothing but great things about this event over the years and since learning about it, every Saturday it fell on, something else always came up. This year I was determined for my family to see it and even the gloomy sky and little bit of rain didn’t steer us away from this event.
This event ran for a little over 20 minutes and I’d say over 150 trucks, buses, vans, etc. went through the town of Harrington in that short amount of time.
I took over 180 photos and that is just way too much to share. So I’m going to share with you some of my favorites.

My absolute favorite because it was pink and white in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This two truck was pretty cool.

My oldest was not impressed.

My youngest however enjoyed it and called them TOYS.

This one was my husband’s favorite.

Some of the trucks horns sounded like trains, so when they went off, my youngest made sure to hold on to me tight. Don’t blame her. They were LOUD.

We don’t drink soda in this family anymore but I just LOVE how red this is.

Of course I had to add in this Walmart truck with some cute kids on the side of it.

I was pretty impressed with this event and look forward to next year.
They raised over $45,000 this year for SODE.


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