10 Ways To Lift Your Confidence From Drowsy to Dazzling

At this time of year, everyone is in need of a little pick me up. The weather is sub-zero, you feel sluggish from all the festive food flying around and you’re short of cash after spending everything you can on gifts. There are many ways you can transform your mood from lethargic to luscious, so start today!

  1. Move and Groove

When you’re feeling lazy and your self-esteem is low, the last thing you want to do is put on a pair of running shoes and hit the gym. Let’s face it, you simply don’t have the energy. Exercise is proven to have a feel-good effect on the body and the endorphins will lift your spirits almost instantly. It doesn’t have to be too strenuous; you could take a brisk walk in the park with your children or walk the dog on a new route. Anything which gets you moving will have a positive effect on your mood and body.

  1. Creative Cooking

Everyone’s diet goes downhill at this time of year and yours is no exception. As delicious as the food is at Christmas time, it can actually have a negative impact on how we feel. The continuous sugar highs and crashes can be chaotic for our insides. Avoid the sugary treats when you can and try making some hearty and healthy soups. Choose fresh seasonal vegetables and fill your body with the much-needed nutrients it has been craving. Your taste buds will totally retune and if you have the occasional indulgence it will be super satisfying. Making a small change to your diet will make you feel on top of the world.

  1. Take a Fashion Risk

You can get quite complacent with fashion during the winter months, covering up in gigantic jumpers and hiding behind huge woolly hats. There’s nothing wrong with trying to stay warm in the Baltic temperatures, but you could try something different with your style. Amp up your accessories game here! Find some quirky and unique fashion frills that you might never thought of wearing before. Taking a risk with your style will pay off and you’ll soon feel like a new and improved version of yourself.

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  1. Happy Hair & Skin Saviours

We are always trying to improve and feel good about our appearance. There is so much pressure to be perfect in the world of flawless magazine covers and air-brushed superstars plastered on our screens. There are a few ways in which you can refine your exterior. Try out a new hairstyle or completely change your look altogether. You could even treat yourself to a new skincare regime. Start your day with a hot water and fresh lemon, your hair and skin will soon be bright and glowing again.

  1. Lose Yourself In A Book

There is no better feeling than curling up in your favorite chair and transporting yourself to a completely different world for a few moments. Take some time out each day to pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read for ages. Whether you enjoy the thrills of a murder mystery or the romance of a chick lit, you’ll be grateful to escape from the real world. Treat yourself to some alone time and you’ll feel refreshed and revitalized after a short visit into someone else’s world in the form of a good old book.  

  1. Do a Good Deed

It is true that doing well for others will make you feel noble in return. Think of somebody in your life who might deserve a little bit of help. Maybe your elderly next door neighbor needs a companion to help collect their food shopping. Perhaps your local community group is holding an event and needs some baked goods to be donated. Any small thing that you can think of is bound to make somebody else’s day. By carrying out an act of kindness you will feel warmth within yourself instantly.

  1. Hop Onto A Hobby

Taking up a fresh recreational activity is not only good for keeping us motivated, but it’s an excellent way to meet new people. You might have been longing to take dance classes, but have never got round to it. Maybe there is a cookery course you wished you’d signed up for. Whatever your secret passion is, start fulfilling it today. If you feel like you’re working towards something new and exciting, you’ll begin to feel a spring in your step again in no time.


  1. Mate Date

Your best friend is someone who knows you inside out. They can make you smile in the blink of an eye too. What better way to make yourself feel good than by organizing a super fun date with a special friend? If you’re both short of cash it doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, just a simple old-fashioned sleepover like when you were younger. Watch your favorite movie and snuggle in front of the warm fire. If you have someone close to you who will listen, you’ll be able to air out your problems and feel a sense of relief.

  1. Getting Crafty

Release some creative energy and start taking up some arts and crafts. You’d be surprised at the amazing things you’re able to make with just a few simple materials. Start with a simple plan canvas and invest in a couple of paint colors. You’ll be able to create a new painting for your bedroom by spending an afternoon letting your feelings out onto a page. You’ll feel relieved and you’ll have something to show for it.

  1. Give Yourself A Getaway

You might be feeling overwhelmed by certain things that are happening around you. The only option for you at the moment might be to take a little break from it all. Grab someone you love and whisk them away for a long weekend or even hop on a plane and take a break to your favorite beach. A bit of distance can do a whole world of good for your self-confidence, so take a step back and reevaluate the things that are really important to you.

You can pick and mix which of these treats you’d like to try, give them all a go if you can. You’ll soon start feeling fabulous again, you deserve it!


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