10 Ideas On How To Create A Bohemian Aesthetic In Your Living Room

Bohemian style embodies the idea of being carefree and eclectic. It’s the ideal way to add a casual charm to your living room, making it feel like home.


Here Are Some Great Ideas To Create A Bohemian Aesthetic In Your Living Room:


1. Choose a variety of textiles.

Bohemian living rooms can be achieved by using various textile types. Light and airy fabrics like cotton, linen or burlap for curtains or pillows; or opt for heavier materials like velvet and leather in furniture pieces and wall hangings.

2. Plant an abundance of flowers

Greenery can breathe life into any space, and for a bohemian-style living room you should add plenty of plants in various shapes and sizes. Hang macramé plant holders from the ceiling or use potted plants on tables and shelves as an easy way to incorporate nature into your design.

3. Opt for warm, earthy colors

Create a welcoming bohemian atmosphere in your living room by using rich, saturated colors with warm undertones such as rust, mustard yellow or burnt orange on the walls and furniture pieces. Doing this will help create an eye-catching focal point that adds just enough vibrancy to the space.

4. Add layers with rugs and throws

Layering can be an effective strategy for creating an inviting atmosphere in any room, particularly when achieving a Bohemian-style aesthetic. Start by laying down either hardwood or carpeted area rugs then layer smaller rugs on top or drape throws over furniture pieces to complete the look.

5. Create an eclectic aesthetic

Bohemian style decor should avoid any uniformity, as this can make your living room appear too polished and structured. Instead, select an eclectic mix of furniture pieces, artwork and accessories that draw inspiration from various cultures such as Moroccan, Indian or even African influences.

6. Add vintage elements for an antique aesthetic

When furnishing your bohemian-style living room, look for one-of-a kind vintage items like wall art or furniture pieces that give the space a distinctive personality. If you can’t locate originals, opt for vintage-inspired designs which still achieve the same effect. Here is a guide to buying antique furniture.

7. Add visual interest with trinkets and other small objects

An eclectic living room that’s filled with unique items can be truly captivating, so adding small trinkets and knickknacks here and there can help break up any monotony in your design. Look for pieces like vintage bottles, shells, or baskets that can be repurposed as decorative accents throughout your space.

8. Utilize natural materials

Natural materials have a way of adding warmth and coziness to any space, which is why including them into your living room design is essential when creating a Bohemian aesthetic. Try adding some organic elements like jute rugs or rattan furniture for some natural touches.

9. Display wall hangings throughout your home

Wall art is an essential element of any interior design scheme and works especially well when creating a bohemian-style living room. Look for unique pieces such as tapestries, macrame hanging planters, beaded curtains or even woven baskets that will add texture and dimension to the space.

10. Get creative with lighting fixtures

Don’t neglect lighting when creating a Bohemian-style living room, as it can make all the difference for this look. Consider using vintage-style light fixtures or mixing and matching different lamps and pendants throughout the space for an inviting yet eclectic atmosphere.


With these tips in mind, you can effortlessly create a cozy bohemian-style living room that will surely impress all your friends and family! So get creative by mixing up different colors, textures, and materials to make this unique space truly your own.


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