Spondylolisthesis Update

So I found out a few weeks ago that the way my x-rays were taken for my back issue was done incorrectly. They had me laying down. For this kind of condition I have to be actually standing up, bending over and what not. So basically I have to now make another dr’s appt, go in and explain all of this to him, hopefully he refers me to a back specialist that actually knows what they are doing and I go and get my x-rays redone. I’ve accepted the fact that my grade level of this condition could be far worse than originally expected. These last few nights of staying up because of being in pain have gotten ridiculous. I just need to accept the fact that I’m just going to need back injections and if they do not work that I’ll need surgery. If you know me you know I don’t like needles nor do I look hospitals in general and going under the knife TERRIFIES me. 🙁

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