How To Enhance Your Beauty And Make Your Looks Pop

Every woman has features on her face that she loves and maybe even hates! True beauty, of course, is within, but there are plenty of ways to enhance your natural beauty and bring out the features of your face in a sleek and subtle way. With these tips and tricks, you can create a stunning look this holiday season that will really wow your friends and family! 


  • We all struggle with those puffy eyes that always look tired – we have such busy lives that our eyes are often the first things to suffer. Giving your eyes a more awake look doesn’t have to be difficult. Take a little bit of white eyeliner and run it along the tight line and water line, this draws light to the eyes to make them look bigger and more awake, it’s really helpful for those of us who have trouble getting their full eight hours a night in! 
  • Enhance those lips with a lovely lip liner. Over the past few years, lip liners have made a huge comeback, especially since the Kylie Jenner generation, but lip liner has been around for years and it can really help your lips pop, whilst giving them definement and a little lift too. To help you achieve that look, click here. Soon enough your lips will be luscious and pouty! Make sure you’re exfoliating your lips at least once a week during winter, this will help promote blood flow to the lips and give them a fuller look. 
  • Highlight away! Using your highlighter more sparingly can actually have a more prominent and effective look. A couple of dabs upon the cheekbones and down the nose is all you need to create a natural glow. 
  • One quick tip to make sure your eyelash curler works is to heat it up! It doesn’t have to take long, just a few seconds in front of your hairdryer can assist the eyelash curler to help perm the lashes and keep them curled for longer! 
  • Always moisturize! This may go without saying, but putting moisture into your skin before you apply makeup is a must. This way, your makeup will glide on much easier, without dry patches and any indescrepencies. It also assists your finished face to look glowy and gorgeous! 


  • Work out your colors! Finding the perfect eyeshadow color to enhance your look can be exhausting but in order to help the color really pop, you need to avoid using colors that are similar to your own eyes. For blue eyes, look at browns and greens, they can help contrast. For green eyes, look at purple or lilac, this color really brings out green eyes to make them look sensational; and finally for brown eyes, using golds, beiges and pinks will help make your eyes look bigger and more awake.
  • Change of hairstyle? It goes without saying that great hair makes your face look incredible; but what hairstyle suits you? Why not opt for some wispy bangs for long oval faces and add some highlights for those brunettes who are looking for a little subtle lighten up. 


There are so many ways to play around with your look but be sure that this winter season you can do it with style and grace! 


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