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7 Mom and Mom-To-Be Friendly Companies to Work For

Working outside of the home is a necessity for most parents. That is a given. What is even more important is making sure you are able to work for a company who offers you benefits that can make life so much easier for you as a mom and parent in the long run.



I have compiled a list of 7 different companies who I personally feel are “mom-friendly” and who offer the best employee benefits. While I have no experience working at any of them per say, I did some research and these 7 just stand out the most to me. While I am no longer deemed a “new mom”, I know how important it is to have that balance between both home life and work life. Let’s get to the list, shall we?

Bank of America

I have a close friend who said she worked at Bank of America and loved every moment of her time as an employee. While she was not a mom at the time of her employment, she still said it was a good atmosphere to work in and the benefits are great.

So how do they stand out to me as a mom-friendly company to work for?

  • You get 16 weeks of FULLY PAID parental leave.
  • Looking to adopt? Bank of America provides its employees with adoption reimbursement of up to $8,000 per child.
  • You can receive up to $240 in monthly childcare.
  • 60% of its 250,000 employees are women.

The paid leave and monthly childcare are 2 benefits that stick out the most to me. A lot of companies do not offer fully paid parental leave or childcare assistance.

Johnson and Johnson

What household out there hasn’t heard of this company? J&J was a huge household name when I was growing up and still is to this day. What I didn’t know is they offer so many benefits to their employees and a lot are very beneficial to moms.

  • You get 40 hours paid time off ANNUALLY.
  • You can receive adoption and surrogacy aid up to $20,000 per child and fertility aid up to $35,000.
  • Benefits are also offered to same-sex couples.
  • 40% of executives within the company are women.
  • They also offer health referral services, proactive health assessments, have on-site fitness centers and even exercise classes.

J&J knows the importance of a mom keeping herself in tip-top shape and I love that. I also love that they go out of their way to help a family looking to adopt or with surrogacy aid. How sweet is that? The family seems to be very important to them and I love that.


While this one may not have any outright mom-friendly benefits, I personally feel in some way or another they could be beneficial. After all, the company was started by a woman and we woman want to look and feel our best. I think in a way Julep could provide that.

  • Employees own a piece of the company through equity.
  • Paid time off which includes company holidays and even your birthday.
  • Gym membership.
  • A chance to try out the products.
  • Subsidized lunch daily, plus fresh fruit and snacks.
  • A chance to make a difference in the lives of women with Powered By Girlfriends.
  • Fun environment to work in with work/life balance.

Goldsman Sachs

This financial services firm offers a variety of parent-focused support.

  • 16 weeks of paid maternity, adoption and surrogacy leave.
  • Lactation rooms to breastfeed in comfort and privacy.
  • Backup childcare is available either at home or at the office.
  • Offers a medical advocacy service for employees and family members facing critical health situations. Counseling and referral services are offered through the Employee Assistance Program.
  • Some office locations feature on-site fitness centers. Other locations fitness club memberships can be reimbursed.


This company offers some pretty sweet benefits to its employees.

  • Free hospital grade pumps for breastfeeding employees and lactation consultations.
  • Those hoping to adopt can get help paying for expenses (up to $5,000 per child with an extra $1,000 for children with special needs).
  • All employees with new babies can get support from executive coaches trained to help working parents.
  • Have kids who are college bound? Employees can consult a college coach through the firms’ employee assistance program to get their high schoolers help with applications and decision making.

American Express

I wanted to save the best company for last in this post. Nothing against the other companies but this one stands out as a “mom-friendly company” the absolute most to me.

  • Paid 20 weeks leave for new parents (both parents) plus an extra 6 to 8 weeks to birth mothers for medical recovery time. Adoptive, foster, surrogate and LGBTQ parents are included in this policy.
  • Flexible hours.
  • On-site gym and cafe.
  • Public transportation reimbursement.

There are other benefits available but these 4 in particular stuck out the most to me especially the paid 20 weeks leave.


Even some smaller companies are providing awesome benefits for moms and moms-to-be. Teknicks is a cool SEO agency I came across that is super mom-friendly. Teknicks was voted Best Places to Work in New Jersey twice thanks to their dedication to providing workers with a satisfying work/life balance. The company offers a ton of pro-mom benefits for Mothers and moms-to-be including:

• Flexible work schedules
• Telecommuting privileges
• Part-time positions available
• Unlimited days off for sick children as needed
• Access to private pump room
• Employees can stack vacation/sick time to add onto the 12 weeks offered by the state
• Employee health & dental premiums are paid for
• Custom roles to accommodate schedules


Well, there you have it. A list of 7 companies that I feel is very mom-friendly when it comes to benefits and even accommodations. While some may disagree with my list and I have no personal experience working with these companies, I’d be happy to work for any of them should the need ever arise where I decide to work out of the home again. I know all too well the importance of working for a company that will benefit me too in the long run. Unfortunately, none of the companies I previously worked for ever offered any of these awesome benefits to me. I hope this post helps you in the long run in finding a place where you’ll feel welcome as a mom, parent, and employee. Thanks for reading!

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